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Klaus Luhta Podcast

Apr 19, 2019

RADM Wendi Carpenter is the Executive Director of the Captain Phillips and Lane Kirkland Maritime Trust where she advocates for long-term strength of the U.S. maritime industry in the United States and around the world. and the American Merchant Marine by generating public awareness, assisting high achieving individuals...

Apr 19, 2019

Learning to love oneself starts by uncovering the limiting beliefs that lurk in our subconscious clearing the way for true self-love and wholeness. Each of us picks up limiting beliefs in our youth that rob us of our potential and our joy. Becoming Beautiful is author Kari Romeo’s transformation story. It is told...

Apr 19, 2019

Ten years ago Captain Richard Phillips endured a pirate attack and rescue by U.S. Navy SEALs in the Indian Ocean that captured the attention of the world. 

The release of this episode commemorates the rescue and all that has taken place since then.

Today, Captain Phillips spends his time speaking around the world and...